Youth Music Concert

Da una collaborazione tra L'Ambasciata italiana da Amman (Giordania), il Conservatorio di Amman e il Nai Choir, l'Ufficio scolastico regionale per la Liguria e il Liceo Statale Sandro Pertini, il 2 Marzo, presso il Terra sanctam Auditorium di Amman si svolgerà il concerto "Youth Music Concert". 

L'Ensemble vocale del Liceo Pertini è arrivato già ad Amman per rappresentare il Liceo e la Liguria in questo importante appuntamento culturale ed artistico che dà l'avvio ad un importante sodalizio internazionale. A breve il comunicato stampa ufficiale

Youth Music Concert- Press Release

This week in Jordan it will be possible to attend a musical concert that promotes at the same time the extraordinary Italian and Jordanian excellence.

Music and its power to unite people will be celebrated on Tuesday 2nd March at Terra Sancta Auditorium in Amman, with free admission. This comes as an outcome of tight collaboration between the Nai Choir of Amman, directed by Diana Talhami, the National Music Conservatory, directed by Mohammed Sidiq and the Italian Vocal Ensemble of the Sandro Pertini Music High School of Genoa, directed by Professor Luca Dellacasa.


The event, promoted by the Italian Embassy in Amman in close cooperation with the Liguria Region, will represent a mutual tribute to traditional Italian and Jordanian classical music, interpreted by the choirs in unison. The experience represents a unique opportunity for exchange between young artists for professional growth.

The arrival in Jordan of the Vocal Ensemble of Pertini High School, from Genova (Italy), will be followed by an intense week of joint rehearsals and artistic exchange between the Italian students and the musicians of the Nai Choir and the National Music Conservatory of Amman, which will reach its climax on 2nd of March with the final concert for which a large participation is expected.

This wonderful event is part of the vast and rich cultural program of the Italian Embassy in Amman to expand the knowledge of Italian tradition, culture and talent, and underlines Italy's commitment to tighten collaboration with artists, such as Vocal Ensemble of Pertini High School, eager to export their talents and to build solid and long-lasting cooperation with Jordanian counterparts.